Bigg Boss 9 Day 47 Full Episode 27th November Highlights & News

Bigg Boss 9 is amazing TV reality show which is moving ahead with great pace, show had completed its 46 days successfully. Show is hosted by Salman Khan on weekends, show has a high TRPs. This show is running from last 16 years. In Australia its named as Bigg Brother, this show is seen by crores of people in more than 100 countries. In this post we are providing you with Bigg Boss 9 Day 47 Full Episode, 27th November 2015 Highlights & News. Have a look –


Day 47 Full Episode 27th November Bigg Boss 9 Highlights & Updates

Day 46: Kawaljeet was eating food in the bedroom but Mandana told her to eat food outside that’s rule of house, she also called her a old man. Kawaljeet didn’t obeyed her and got upset. Kawaljeet told this episode to the people sitting in the car. Again he had a argument with Rouchell.

Day 47: Kishwar urinates in the car, after that Rouchell urinates in the car. Kishwar comes out of the car.

Bigg Boss ordered that they can support their favorite contestant in winning the captaincy task.

Prince tried to make Priya to leave car, but they started arguing. Prince told that she is using bad words on the show and its a family show she should say like that.

Rishab tries to cut seat belt of Rouchell. Kishwar sprinkles the urine on the seat in return Priya throw it away on Kishwar’s face.

Rishab & Prince forced physically to come out of the car but she started screaming as her leg was pulled brutally.

Prince tried to convince Rouchell that he will help her in the next captaincy and asked her to leave the car if she is not feeling well but Rouchell refused to do so.

Now, Bigg Boss 9 ordered that if someone will sleep in the car then they will be out of competition.

Housemates now started targeting Priya to make her leave the car. Prince tries to irritate Rouchell but again she started crying.

Mandana shouted on Digangana that you are not part of game and don’t make faces, everybody then attacked on Digangana.

Bigg Boss announced that if someone is not respecting the house then they don’t deserve to be in this house, Bigg Boss opened the door and told that people are free to leave the house if they don’t want to live in here.

Tomorrow, the result of opening the door will be declared, also captaincy task to sit in a car will end tomorrow on doctor’s advise.

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