Bigg Boss 9 Day 45 Full Episode 25th November Highlights & News

Bigg Boss 9 is the TV reality show which is considered to be the most controversial, this show is watched by huge audience everyday. This high TRP show is hosted by Salman Khan. 15 contestants lives in a house out of which each week one contestant will be voted out by audience. In this post we are providing you with Bigg Boss 9 Day 45 Full Episode, 25th November 2015 Highlights & News. Have a look –


Day 45 Full Episode Highlights & Updates, Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble

Day 44: Priya & Kawaljeet had an ugly argument, then Priya discussed about Suyyash, Rouchell & Kishwar. Kawaljeet indirectly called Priya a dog and she called him a pig.

Day 45: Kawaljeet tries to complain something to Rouchell but she don’t to listen it. He commented on Kieth,


Bigg Boss Baba wants to talk to Blue team, Baba told Suyyash that do task more actively and carefully. Baba told Rimi that play wisely and play to win the task. Baba showed the clip of Priya that Rimi gave some empty packets to Prince in the store room.

Priya told her team that Rimi have given plastic packets to Prince and Mandana got upset with it, she took away her makeup and said that she will not give it back to her.

Bigg Boss gave order of 25 milk packets, Rimi rejected there maximum packets as they were not stickered well. Again, Prince rejected other team’s packets.

Kawaljeet put finger on Priya by saying her Australian and creating a sense of racism. Rouchell, Mandana & Priya get upset with them and Kawaljeet have to apologize to cool down the issue.

Prince’s team won the task as they have completed all the order given by Bigg Boss.

They celebrated Rouchell’s Birthday. Prince, Rouchell & Rimi discussed that they need to become more strong and they need to throw out all wild card entries.

Bigg Boss send cakes for Prince & Rouchell, they celebrated the birthday with lots of joy.

Tomorrow, a new immunity task will take place, in which contestants can win immunity for two weeks.

Stay updated with us on more episodes of Bigg Boss 9. Hope you like Bigg Boss 9 day 45 full episode, Bigg Boss 9 episode 45 highlights, news of Bigg Boss 9, Priya Kawaljeet fight, Rouchell’s Birthday, Dairy Task, Car task.

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